LazerTag Night 30-May-2010

I went a played LazerTag tonight and had a really fun time. Thanks to everyone for a really good time. I thought I would post my results.

Game 1 (Team Deathmatch)

Point Score: 5500
Re-Energised: 4
Phaser Shots: 133
Hit Ratio: 33%

Game 2 (Sabotage)

Point Score: 14700
Re-Energised: 6
Phaser Shots: 151
Hit Ratio: 27%

Game 3 (Team Deathmatch)

Point Score: 2100
Re-Energised: 10
Phaser Shots: 133
Hit Ratio: 33%

Game 4 (Free-For-All)

Point Score: 1800
Re-Energised: 8
Phaser Shots: 100
Hit Ratio: 33%


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