Monday, May 31, 2010

iPad is Viral

Apple’s latest iPad is not only the hottest tech item at the moment, but its viral.

It’s hard to read the news without some sort of article making some reference to the new device, but for me I am some what left behind.

Out of the five technicians at my work (including myself), myself and one other colleague have yet to get one. After looking the device, and having a go at others, it is very appealing.

Initially I was very sceptical about the usefulness of the device and whether it would actually be anything to get. But after seeing how quick and straight forward it is, I want one.

The iPad does exactly what I was hoping my netbook would do. Just be a quick way to get on the net and check email, websites etc. However with the awkwardness of the keyboard, the screen size and its boot time, the iPad becomes very appealing.

I suppose its just a matter of time before I get one. There doesn’t seem any liable competitor on the horizon.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

LazerTag Night 30-May-2010

I went a played LazerTag tonight and had a really fun time. Thanks to everyone for a really good time. I thought I would post my results.

Game 1 (Team Deathmatch)

Point Score: 5500
Re-Energised: 4
Phaser Shots: 133
Hit Ratio: 33%

Game 2 (Sabotage)

Point Score: 14700
Re-Energised: 6
Phaser Shots: 151
Hit Ratio: 27%

Game 3 (Team Deathmatch)

Point Score: 2100
Re-Energised: 10
Phaser Shots: 133
Hit Ratio: 33%

Game 4 (Free-For-All)

Point Score: 1800
Re-Energised: 8
Phaser Shots: 100
Hit Ratio: 33%

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Foxtel coming to Xbox Live

Foxtel coming to Xbox Live: "

On the day that Sony's new PSN Video Store launched in Australia, Foxtel and Microsoft have announced a partnership to make Foxtel available via Xbox Live.

The partnership opens up a way to get Foxtel content without a Foxtel installation. (Credit: Foxtel and Microsoft)

The service, scheduled to launch in Q4 this year, offers a way to access Foxtel content online, without the expense of a Foxtel installation and set-top box. This is particularly suited to people who move frequently or who live in areas of Australia where Foxtel services are not available, according to Kim Williams, Foxtel chief executive and managing director.

Foxtel by Xbox Live will live stream over 30 channels including Fox Sports, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney, Sky News and MTV. A range of Video-on-Demand and catch-up services, including television and movies, will also be included, although specific packaging and pricing announcements will not be made until closer to the end-of-year launch.

What you will need to access the new subscription service is an Xbox 360 and an Xbox Gold subscription, which currently costs AU$8 per month. For households wanting multi-room access to Foxtel, this works out cheaper than the AU$15 per month fee currently charged by the company for additional Foxtel set-top boxes.

The service also requires a high-speed broadband connection with generous download limits. While Telstra's stake in Foxtel was not mentioned at today's briefing, Williams did say that discussions with several ISPs were underway to exempt Foxtel by Xbox Live from metered content. While high-definition content could theoretically be offered, bandwidth caps and connection speeds mean that it's likely SD video will be the mainstay of the service.

Features available to Xbox Live gamers, such as online chat, are also open to Foxtel by Xbox Live subscribers, meaning you could simultaneously watch a footy match with someone using the service in another city and voice chat through connected headsets during the broadcast.

Microsoft has previously launched two similar content partnerships in Europe, with BSkyB in the UK and Canal+ in France. No such service yet exists in the US.

HP Home Server and Mac

I recently booted back up my Mac Mini and decided to try out the software for Mac that come with the HP MediaSmart Server. Surprisingly, it worked really well.

The integration of the TimeMachine backup to the Home Server works. Simple as that. It just works. HP can get it right some times.

Here are some screenshots.

Update: I have since noticed that the Mac does not appear in the Computers & Backup tab in the Home Server Console. This is somewhat expected, but it would have been something extra that HP could have polished off to help the integration of the Mac to the Home Server.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updating port forwarding for your router failed

Error: Updating port forwarding for you router failed. Windows Home Server was unable to update port forwarding for your router. Your Web Site may not be available on the internet.

home server upnp fail

Those of you who a have a Windows Home Server may be receiving this message, even though you have already forwarded the ports in your router manually.

I have found that there are a lot of routers where UPnP doesn’t work properly and therefore left to manually set port forwarding yourself. And once done so, the home server does pass the remote access test, but still errors out.

This is what I did to fix it.

1) Verify your ports are in fact open for Ports 80 (HTTP), 443(HTTPS), 3389 (RDP), and 4125 (Remote Web Workplace).

2) Verify that your self has a Static IP Address on the local

network. Make sure it isn’t being assigned a IP using DHCP. Manually configure an IP Address into the server’s network card.

3) In your router, disable UPnP. And Apply the settings/changes.

4) Save the configuration and reboot the router to refresh.

5) On the Windows Home Server, Turn Off Remote Access. And the Turn ON remote access again. This will detect your router does not support the UPnP standard but does detect the correct ports being forwarded.

This should now be fixed. Please feel free to leave a comment or your experiences.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Girlfriend making the switch from Mac to PC: Part 4

It’s been some time since my last update so this what has happened.

Last weekend Marra decided that the choice was now an Apple Mac. Although yes we stated that in the beginning Windows would be the choice due the gaming and not much games/application support was available for the Mac as there was for the PC. However since we are unable to find a suitable substitute for the Mac, she now wants to get a MacBook Pro.

So away we went to first a Domayne Store in Silverwater where they were offering a 1000 days interest free on all goods in the store. What we soon learnt though was that this special did not apply to Apple stock. The only finance that they could offer her was 12-months with some ridiculous condition that I can’t even remember now. We soon left the store empty handed.

I remember that there was a Apple store in Baulkham Hills which maybe could offer us some hope. But when we got there, soon found that the store no longer existed.

We went to lunch to regather what we were to do next.

We called the Dick Smith store back in Penrith and enquired if they could offer decent interest free loans and they did. Success. We soon drove to Penrith and talked to a eager salesman who proceeded to put together a list of items from the MacBook Pro, Extended Apple Warranty, and external HDD. Once that was settle we began the credit application process. This is where we were let down once again.

Once all the information was entered into the system and the application was posted, we soon discovered that the application was mark for further approval. We were told to find something else to do until we got a call. We left the store. About 45 minutes later we were asked to return to the store with Marra’s pay slip which was soon faxed away for further assessment. Over an hour later the salesman told us the news.

Marra was only accepted for only $2500 of the request $3200 credit. Meaning that they hadn’t approved her for the full amount of the loan and would not be getting the laptop she was dreaming about.

This has now been put aside until enough money can be saved or at least the credit can be approved.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photos of Home Server

Here is some photos of the home server and screenshots of the install.

My old Home Server. PC from work.

It served me well.

Set it up on the kitchen table to begin the file transfer process.

New home server in its place.

Start of the installation from my laptop after plugging the MediaSmart on to the network.

Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture8 Capture9 Capture10 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13 Capture14 Capture15 Capture16 Capture17
Logging in for the first time.

Capture18 Capture19 Capture20
Lots of updates needed to be installed.

Capture21 Capture22 Capture23 Capture24 Capture25 Capture25b Capture25c Capture25d Capture25e Capture25f Capture25g Capture25h
Had a choice of the Dynamic DNS host, I went with the Windows Live one since I already had a domain name there.

Capture25i Capture25j Capture25k Capture25l Capture25m Capture25n Capture26
McAfee was very shortly removed. And the red error was shortly resolved.

Web interface from the client. This can be chosen between the HP design and the Windows Home Server default.

Basic one 1TB HDD installed as standard. But soon to be upgraded.

Capture29a Capture29b Capture29c Capture29d
This actually is cool. Sliding the slider is realtime and can watch the lights on the Server go from bright to completely off (with exception to the power light which sits at really dull).


Notice that the server now has four lights as at this point I have filled all bays up.