Girlfriend making the switch from Mac to PC: Part 2

So I have gone and asked my girlfriend some questions about why is is considering making the switch between platforms and what is making the decision hard.

1) Why are you now thinking about getting a new laptop?

My old one is too small, and isn’t suited to what I want to do anymore, for example, [Adobe] Photoshop etc.

2) What have you liked about your current Apple Mac Book

The layout of the whole thing. The machine itself is clean, simple, elegant. The desktop and finder are also very clean and easy to use. It’s faster than the pc’s I’ve used in the past.

3) What do you mainly use your laptop for?

Internet and listening/downloading music. But I will be doing a lot more work with Photoshop with my new laptop.

4) Is there anything you haven’t liked about your laptop?

The main thing is the compatibility, or lack of, to be more accurate. A lot of the games I would want to play and programs that I would use, I can’t because they’re only Windows compatible. Another thing is the size of the screen, but that can be fixed regardless of what platform I go with.

5) Any particular reason you are considering a Windows PC?

Same thing. Compatibility. I’d love to be able to do everything without needing a virtual machine or another machine altogether. And I’ve found a PC that isn’t completely hideous, which is an issue I’ve had with a lot of PC’s.

6) Is PC Gaming an issue for you?

Like I said, there’s a lot of games I want to play, but can’t on my mac. There’s a whole stack of games at home that I would install straight away if I chose a pc.

7) Is there something that you wished the Mac could do that the PC does? And Vice Versa?

I wish Mac was more compatible with more programs. I wish Windows, from my current level of experience, was more elegant and basic. I also wish Windows had the multi-screen function that Macs do.

8) The newer MacBook Pro laptops are claiming up to 7-8 hours battery life. Is this a compelling feature for you?

In the grand scheme of things, with a lot of what I would be doing, and currently do, there wouldn’t be too big a difference in battery life between the MacBook Pro and a pc of the same size.

9) Will price be a major deciding factor?

Not really. The MacBook Pro and PC that I’m looking at are a similar price. I’d rather pay a bit more for a machine I’d like more.

10) Lastly, What will be the deal breaker? What will be the deciding feature that will help you make the decision on your new laptop?

As bad as this sounds, probably the Trackpad. I’ve said this before. I’m starting to lean more towards the PC, because of the compatibility issues. As much as I love everything about Mac’s, what’s the point of having all these programs and games that I want to use but can’t. The HP Envy has a very similar elegance about it’s look to a Mac, so that’s not an issue. But if I don’t like the feel of the Trackpad, I will not be getting the Envy. I am not going to pay that much for a machine I’ll dread using. And unless another pc notebook is presented to me that I don’t loathe the look of and that I won’t want to use due to the Trackpad, I’ll be getting a MacBook Pro, and then just deal with using a virtual machine or something for my programs that aren’t compatible.