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Devotion to Duty

Devotion to Duty :

Twitter and Customer Service

It seems more and more the case lately that if you want some help with a company, complain about it on Twitter. Why? Because Twitter is so public, when you complain about a product or company EVERYBODY sees it. In comparison when you call tech support and get a douchebag that doesn't all you can do is complain to your mates. However on twitter, when you complain, the company is forced to react and react quickly. One time at work we had major dramas getting support for Telstra Bigpond who were unable to give us any information regarding why a connection was down. Four seperate help desk people advised that it would be live in a few hours. But nothing. However soon after compaining about it on Twitter did bigpond contact us with a full report and our case escalated to a priority. The line this time was promptly fixed. And all communication was public and conducted over Twitter (minus account information of course). Another example, read below as the blogger Jason explains his experie

Google Buzz is released

Kind of out of nowhere Google has release its answer (more or less) to Friendfeed or Twitter as it seems. Embedded into Gmail, Google Buzz allows user to post status updates, follow friends, post links and pictures, and more all from within the Gmail interface. This is slowly being deployed out to Gmail users and I received my invited today. When intially setting up the feature, you are asked to link various sites including twitter, Blogger blogs, and more. Once that's done, it tries to be smart and find anyone in your contact list who you can follow. However with my contact list it found people that don't even use Gmail (therefore not having access to Buzz) and asking me to follow them. Not sure how useful this move would be. Then in the same window, it listed people that are apparently already following me. There was one random Asian dude who I had never met bet before already following me. Thanks mate. Once setup was completed I had a great list of posts from Felic