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Galaxy S gets Android 2.2 Froyo

I realize that I am quite delayed with this post, but I felt that I should write something on this seeing as though I own the Galaxy S my self. I stayed up late working on getting the update down on to the phone via the Samsung Kies software, and a quick Google search you reveal to you that this isn't that easy in most cases as the phone and software hardly connect to each other. However after about any hour of getting the Kies software to see the phone, I was able to then download and install the must awaited update. My other little headache when doing this update is that the software would only be updated if the phone was fully charged. Apparently 90% battery wasn't sufficient enough, even though the update occurred over a powered USB cable. Since I had to do a hard reset on my Galaxy in order to connect the Kies software, once the update finished and the phone booted, immediately I noticed some differences. New wallpaper was the first. New icons in the notification bar

Windows SBS 2008 stuck on Applying Settings

While fixing an issue with AVG on a server today ( ) I was confronted with an issue where the server wouldn't actually finish booting. The server would remain on "Applying Computer Settings" and wouldn't actually proceed no matter how long I waited. What I hadn't realized was the problem was that earlier I had unticked IPv6 from the primary network card. I often do this on workstations I build and work on for work and only did it really out of habit. But it didn't clikc with me when I did this on the server. SBS 2008 apparently  needs IPv6 to function regardless of whether or not you actually use the protocol. So if you find yourself in this situation, take a look in your network card settings and ensure that you have IPv6 enabled on your card even though are not using IPv6. The following site helped my out of this sticky situation:

AVG Update Manager is disabled

I had this problem today while at a clients, and I was a able to find a fairly simple fix and I wanted to share it on. With various versions of AVG , but I experienced it with AVG Business Edition 2011 . When you open the console and you find that the Update Manager is disabled , try these steps. Delete the following files C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG8\cfg\update.cfg  (On  Windows XP / Server 2003) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AVG8\cfg\sched.cfg  (On  Windows XP / Server 2003) C:\ProgramData\Avg10\Cfg\update.cfg (On  Windows 7 / Server 2008) C:\ProgramData\Avg10\Cfg\sched.cfg  (On  Windows 7 / Server 2008) Restart either services or your computer and then force an update on the AVG. If you cannot find the above files, try Showing Hidden Files and Folders (How to: )  Once the update is complete, you should find that the Update Manage is enabled and working.

Skype for Android now [more] possible

18 months after being available for the Apple iPhone, Skype is now available from the Android Market. Skype, the worlds popular VoIP system, has put its mobile version of the application into the Android Market supporting Android 2.1+ devices, with one catch. Originally, Skype was only available for download from for only approved few Android device like Droid X for example. Now they have opened it up for all device except the Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy S is the only device that is not supported by this software which happens to be the device I am using. I have be hanging out for the Skype on Android ever since I got my Galaxy and now that it is available, I still can’t have it. Skype for Android will allow users to make phone calls over Wifi and 3G connections (Wifi only for US users) and also imports contacts from the phone into Skype. Update: I have installed Skype onto my Galaxy S. So far the only thing I can't do is login to the network. Just a small thing. C

Android Market increases support

In an article by PC Authority today, Google has announced that they will be allowing 20 more countries to submit Paid Apps into the Android Market. Current the Android Market supports paid apps from a small amount of countries, however with this increase we should see a increase in not only the amount of apps, but also a greater variety. This means that developers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and other nations (see a full list on the Android Developers blog ) can now sell paid apps in the Android Market, which should see a significant boost in the quantity and diversity of commercial Android apps available. Original Article: Source: PC Authority

Windows XP Blue Screening on Install (STOP ERROR 0x0000007b)

Just recently I had been working on a couple of laptops that needed to be rebuilt for a client. We didn’t have any of the original restoration media so I went a head and started installing Windows XP from OEM media (SP3). However on both laptops, when installed Windows XP from CD, just after the point when it loaded all the drivers and then states on the bottom of the screen “Starting Windows XP Setup”, the laptops would blue screen with a STOP ERROR 0x0000007b. When doing a Google search on this error, you will likely find this Microsoft Support article ( ) with a list of troubleshooting advise. All of which was no help. I soon however found an article ( ) that mentioned of a user who had experienced issues with AHCI ( Advanced Host Controller Interface ) enabled and installing Windows XP. At first I was sceptical, but thought to check anyway. In the BIOS I found that SATA controller was set to AHCI mode. I had the optio

XBOX360 Gamertag

For some time now I have been wanting to put a little icon on this blog which displays my XBOX gamertag and recent games I have played. I have seen this done various other blogs and have since found a way. is one of the better web generators I found when searching for this. They have a good selection of styles and sizes. If you are into XBOX 360 like me, I highly recommend doing this and putting into your signature or your own blog. Here are some examples I have put together:

Updated the "What I Use" Page

Alot of things have changed as far as tech goes, so I have updated my "What I Use" page. Visit here:

My attempt to say goodbye to Apple and iTunes

About a week ago, I began to make my Android the centre for all my music and podcasts. But I have since come to learn why Apple has such a hold on the music and portable device industry. Since I bought my Galaxy S, I have been using my iPhone as, more or less, a iPod Touch. I had it paired with my Bluetooth Stereo in the car and use it to play my music and podcasts while I am on the road for work but last week I wanted to finally finish my transition to the Galaxy and sync my music to it. Here is what I attempted. My first attempt, I downloaded and installed good ol’ Winamp. I used to use Winamp quite a while ago and remember that it supported device sync and podcasts so i thought I would give it ago first. What I soon discovered is that every time I connected the device, it would duplicate the same playlist unnecessarily. Also, Winamp would copy the podcasts in amongst the rest of my music. So when I went to play music on my phone and hit the shuffle button, I would get a random po

Show 'Initial Configuration Tasks' after ticking not to show again

In Windows Server 2008, when you first boot the server after installing the operating system and log in, you will be presented with the standard list of configuration tasks that Microsoft recommend you complete to get your server up and running quickly. At the bottom of this window there is a tick box that you ca enable to not display this window when you log in. However how do you bring this window back? Go to: Start > then search for OOBE.EXE and click on the result.

Conroy still trying for the filter

So now the election has come an gone, and the australian people have at the very least a result Senitor Conroy is now back trying to get his filter online. Reports today state that Conroy is back trying to implement the compulsory internet filter which would block Restricted Classification websites by ISPs. This is surprising seeing as though this is one of the very policies that hurt Labor in the election. Experts claim that Conroy will have a hard time convincing both houses of government to sign off on the legislation especially the independants.

Windows Live Mail: Allow All Images

I have been using Windows Live Mail quite abit lately since I discovered its excellent GMail support and easy configuration. Anyway, one problem I did have with it is the way it handles images. It considers all images in HTML email to be a threat and blocks the images until you allow the images on individual mail or add the send to a Safe Senders list. However if you are like me and just want the images to be displayed for all messages, this is how you do that. Go to Tools then select Security Options. Then click the Security tab, and untick “Block images and other external content in HTML email” Done.

Linux LS command in Windows

For ages I have been making the mistake of typing 'ls' at a Windows command from my old days learning and mucking around with Linux back in High School. Typing DIR which is the proper Windows Command Line command for displaying the contents of a folder. But I today asked the question, is there some way of getting 'ls' to work in Windows? Answer is YES. This made me very happy and may save me sometime from my mistakes. has developed a package call MSLS which performs all the tasks of ls from Linux, only in Windows. Its tops. Go here:

Connecting to Windows Share using Fedora

Connecting to a Windows Share from Fedora was not an easy task at first. Although, in a world where Linux distributions are trying to become increasingly more easy to use, not being able to simply connect to a open Windows network shared folder seems like something that may need some attention. Turns out that the built in firewall block the Samba client software from network access by default. So by default, users cannot access Windows network shares. I found this article written by a blogger named Brad that helped me resolve this issue. Connect To Windows Share with Fedora 11 Before trying connect to a shared folder through the network, you will need to install samba and allow access through your firewall. Fedora 11 does not come with samba and also does not allow samba access through the firewall by default; at least for me. To install samba just run sudo yum install samba, and then after samba is installed, run sudo service smb start to turn on the smb service. The last step to

Galaxy S Wifi 3G Issue

It was Sunday last week that I finally got the shits with my iPhone 3G and decided to get a new phone. Instead of wait for the problematic iPhone 4G, I decided to go with an Android phone. I have heard lots of good things about the Google Android phones, in particularly the degree of customisation that can be done on the device. However, near a week later I have already got myself a major issue with the phone. The issue is if the phone is sitting in a Wifi spot for extend periods of time (hours), and then leave said Wifi spot, 3G connectivity does not return. The phone seems to fail to switch back 3G when it no longer can reach a remembered Wifi spot. Now I have contacted Optus regarding this, and the guy at the store first suggested that I replace my 2 year old SIM card. I was highly doubtful that this would resolve my issue and I was right. Some searches on this issue show that this is a common and wide-spread problem amongst the Android phone. It does seem to matter what

Getting the hint

I  received an email from Optus today more or less saying that they will be soon releasing the iPhone 4. Or at least letting us know of a date.

Conroy puts Filter on back burner

News today reports that Senator Conroy has delay the implementation of the Internet Content Filtering system. Up til now, Conroy has been campaigning to implement a compulsory internet filter on Australian internet services which would be blocking content under the Restricted Content classification banning content categories such as Child Pornography. The list of internet site was deemed to be kept secret by the government causing outrage amongst piracy and human rights group arguing that legitimate site could be blocked by the government, and possibly censoring extreme views. Industry experts such as academics, ISP experts, political opponents, US government and a wide range of community groups have contested the policy and point out that the Refused Classification sites is problematic in that, for example,blocked RC content could include innocuous material. However today, the Senator announced that the policy of a compulsory internet filter would be delayed until a review into

New is rebuilding their popular website. The new dig is allowing users to see what their friend's are "Digging" more easily into a new default view called My News. Also, site and blog owners can setup automatic submition so new article are automatically submitted to with one Digg point. At the moment though, the new site is only available by invitation only as it is still in development. For me, I am not excited about the new changes. As I enjoy seeing a great list of what is popular around the internet, instead of what my friends are digging. Check it out at new. Verification code:  73d6c8bfab0a4644a032bcc7ba2194be

Ethernet Cable becomes the next AV Cable

In an article by Digital Trends , the major TV makers (LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens Semiconductor) are looking to end the AV connectivity format HDMI which has become a standard in the HD TV market for connecting devices for both video and sound using one cable. However, we soon could be using the everyday networking cables to connect our devices. In the past connecting devices meant buying one of many (e.g. S-Video, HDMI etc.) different connectors. Called HDbaseT, the standard uses standard RJ45 cables to connect devices, transmitting data up to a scalable 20Gbps transmission speed. The same connection can be used to also transmit data including internet video and network streaming. See the original article here .

SBS 2008 Sqlservr.exe High Memory Usage

Open an Administrative Command Prompt. Type: osql -E -S \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query Now at the SQL prompt, type: 1> sp_configure 'show advanced options',1 2> reconfigure with override 3> go The screen displays: Configuration option 'show advanced options' changed from 0 to 1. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install. Type: 1> sp_configure 'max server memory', 512 2> go (NB The RAM usage of 512Mb is a suggestion, use whatever is appropriate in your environment.) The screen displays: Configuration option 'max server memory (MB)' changed from 2147483647 to 512. Run the RECONFIGURE statement to install. Type: 1> exit Restart the service, or reboot the server. The database instance may be opened in the management applet using the above notation.

Unable to Send email from Blackberry (Red X)

Scenario: Blackberry tries to forward or send email from device. Email never sends from device and user sees Red ‘X’ on mailbox. However, no problem receiving email to the device. Email account setup through Carrier’s Blackberry internet service using Exchange/Outlook web access. Solution: 1) Shut down blackberry and remove battery from device. 2) On the Blackberry Internet Service website, removed current email account for exchange. 3) Recreate exchange email account. 4) Boot back up Blackberry device. 5) Test Email. Also see: “Unable to send email messages because the send as permission has been revoked” on Companyweb ( Link )

Running External 56K Modem in Windows XP Mode

For Windows 7 Professional 1) Verify and take note of the Physical or Host COM port number (e.g. COM2). If external modem is installed on host, it must be disabled in Device Manager. 2) Configure Windows XP Mode to link Virtual COM Port with physical host COM port. Tick “Wait for modem command to open port.” 3) Now boot Windows XP Mode 4) Go to Start > Control Panel > Phones and Modems Options. 5) Now install your modem as usual.

Static and Dynamic Routes in RedHat Linux

Static Routes To add a persistent static route in Redhat Enterprise Linux, simply create a file called “route-<interface><x>” in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory. Where <interface> is the interface and <x> is the interface number. As you would expect, these are specified in separate file for each of the available interface. For Example: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth1 Every entry or a route has three entities as follows: GATEWAY<n> NETMASK<n>=yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy ADDRESS<N>=zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz As the names implies, they are the Gateway IP, Subnet Mask(NETMASK) and the IP Network Address for each persistent route. Note the <n> next to each of the three entities. This number defines the route entry number and should be the same on all the entities. Example: GATEWAY0= NETMASK0=

How to Minimize Windows Live Messenger to System Tray in Windows 7

A common issue i have found with the Windows Live Messenger on Windows 7 is that it does with the system tray and remain working from the Taskbar. However here is a simple workaround that gets it back to the System Tray. 1) Close all intenses of Windows Live Messenger. 2) Go to the Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Live > Right-Click on Windows Live Messenger. Select Properties. 3) Under the Compatibilty tab, tick Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista SP2. Then click OK. 4) Open up Windows Live Messenger. It should now be running from the System Tray.

New Design

Thanks to Blogger and some recent changes, I have updated and changed the look of the long running tech blog. Blogger has recently added new design layouts which help put the free service on par with other blog service like Wordpress and even Squarespace. Designs have been submitted and licensed by named web designers allowing user to use vibrant and elegant web designs for their blogs. Not only that, but users can now adjust blog sizing with the use of a graphical slide bar, rather than editing the blogs CSS. A much welcomed update to And a much wanted and needed update for this blog.

Apple licensing 'iOS' name from Cisco, acquiring 'FaceTime' mark outright

From Engadget: Hey, look at that -- Apple's trademark attorneys actually called the senior owner of a trademark before Steve announced a product name and got everyone into a tizzy . See, Cisco routers and switches just happen to run an operating system called IOS, and that means Apple had to get permission to rename iPhone OS 4 iOS 4 . Of course, the previous trademark tussle between Apple and Cisco over the iPhone mark probably means that all these guys are just good buddies now , so we're just waiting for Mac OS X 10.7 "Lynxis" to hit. Oh, and in case you're wondering, a company called "FaceTime Communications" actually sold its "FaceTime" mark to Apple and is completely changing its name in the coming months. Might we suggest "Apple TV Remote" as an intriguing possibility?

Apple iPhone 4G announced

Apple has announced the latest release of their phone, iPhone 4G. Summery of the up coming features are: - Video Calls with FaceTalk. Using FaceTalk, users can make video calls to each other. Down side is that both caller and receiver needs an iPhone 4G and wifi. - Multitasking. The ability to use more than one app at a time. This feature will also be available on the 3GS with the new OS software update. - HD Video Recording and Editing. High quality video recording and more advanced video editing. - 5MP Camera and LED Flash. Improved camera quality and a LED light to provide a flash for photos and light for video recording. It will be very interesting how it goes on release but all in all a very nice device.

Review: MobileRSS for iPad

I am a huge fan of Google Reader and how it allows me to manage my favorite feeds in the the cloud. But Desktop and Mobile clients are hard to find these days, at least good ones anyway. Today, I'm reviewing MobileRSS for the Apple iPad. MobileRss is a Google Reader client fully syncing with the cloud service. Working much like the native mail client users can read articles either in a portrait or landscape mode. There is quick access to sharing to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, email and so much more. In the current release, there is no management capabilities (adding or removing feeds for example). However this will apparently be added in the next release. There are options to only download images when WiFi is available for the 3G iPad users. Certainly a tops app and highly recommended.

Microsoft responds to Google moving away from Windows, calls it ironic

This is from an article posted on Engadget: Microsoft responds to Google moving away from Windows, calls it ironic : " Google made some waves earlier this week by reportedly moving employees off of Windows and onto Mac OS X and Linux machines -- although the company wouldn't confirm the switch, the move was said to be precipitated by security issues after Chinese hackers attacked the search giant back in January. Now, that wasn't the only reason mentioned in the report -- Google apparently also wants employees to use home-grown products like Chrome OS, and it's sort of weird for Google to buy tons of software licenses from a major competitor -- but the implication that Windows isn't secure enough for Google seems to have raised Microsoft's hackles: a new post on the Windows Team Blog says the irony of the move is 'hard to overlook' as Gmail and Google Docs have privacy and security issues of their own, offers a point-by-point breakdown of all the wa

Blacktown didn’t get the iPad

It was my decision this afternoon to buy myself an Apple iPad. So by that decision I was going to go after work and get one. Little to my knowledge did I know that I would finish in Blacktown NSW where I live. So I proceed to JB Hifi in Westpoint to buy one. When I approached one of the salesman in the Apple dept, he soon informed me that only Penrith and Parramatta JB Hifi stores received iPads. Minor set back but I soon left and went to Dick Smith. Same store here. The Apple section salesman old me that again the Penrith and Parramatta superstores (along with other superstores) were the only Dick Smith stores selling them. That was my last option within Westpoint. I soon left and went to the last place I could think of in the area, Harvey Norman. I knew my chances were low, but I haven’t been to that store every before and was hoping that they might have one. I was walking out of my last my last option as only Domayne (Harvey Norman sister stores) stock Apple products and there

iPad is Viral

Apple’s latest iPad is not only the hottest tech item at the moment, but its viral. It’s hard to read the news without some sort of article making some reference to the new device, but for me I am some what left behind. Out of the five technicians at my work (including myself), myself and one other colleague have yet to get one. After looking the device, and having a go at others, it is very appealing. Initially I was very sceptical about the usefulness of the device and whether it would actually be anything to get. But after seeing how quick and straight forward it is, I want one. The iPad does exactly what I was hoping my netbook would do. Just be a quick way to get on the net and check email, websites etc. However with the awkwardness of the keyboard, the screen size and its boot time, the iPad becomes very appealing. I suppose its just a matter of time before I get one. There doesn’t seem any liable competitor on the horizon.

LazerTag Night 30-May-2010

I went a played LazerTag tonight and had a really fun time. Thanks to everyone for a really good time. I thought I would post my results. Game 1 (Team Deathmatch) Point Score: 5500 Re-Energised: 4 Phaser Shots: 133 Hit Ratio: 33% Game 2 (Sabotage) Point Score: 14700 Re-Energised: 6 Phaser Shots: 151 Hit Ratio: 27% Game 3 (Team Deathmatch) Point Score: 2100 Re-Energised: 10 Phaser Shots: 133 Hit Ratio: 33% Game 4 (Free-For-All) Point Score: 1800 Re-Energised: 8 Phaser Shots: 100 Hit Ratio: 33%

Foxtel coming to Xbox Live

Foxtel coming to Xbox Live : " On the day that Sony's new PSN Video Store launched in Australia, Foxtel and Microsoft have announced a partnership to make Foxtel available via Xbox Live. The partnership opens up a way to get Foxtel content without a Foxtel installation. (Credit: Foxtel and Microsoft) The service, scheduled to launch in Q4 this year, offers a way to access Foxtel content online, without the expense of a Foxtel installation and set-top box. This is particularly suited to people who move frequently or who live in areas of Australia where Foxtel services are not available, according to Kim Williams, Foxtel chief executive and managing director. Foxtel by Xbox Live will live stream over 30 channels including Fox Sports, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney, Sky News and MTV. A range of Video-on-Demand and catch-up services, including television and movies, will also be included, although specific packaging and pricing announcements will not be made until closer to the

HP Home Server and Mac

I recently booted back up my Mac Mini and decided to try out the software for Mac that come with the HP MediaSmart Server. Surprisingly, it worked really well. The integration of the TimeMachine backup to the Home Server works. Simple as that. It just works. HP can get it right some times. Here are some screenshots. Update: I have since noticed that the Mac does not appear in the Computers & Backup tab in the Home Server Console. This is somewhat expected, but it would have been something extra that HP could have polished off to help the integration of the Mac to the Home Server.

Updating port forwarding for your router failed

Error: Updating port forwarding for you router failed. Windows Home Server was unable to update port forwarding for your router. Your Web Site may not be available on the internet. Those of you who a have a Windows Home Server may be receiving this message, even though you have already forwarded the ports in your router manually. I have found that there are a lot of routers where UPnP doesn’t work properly and therefore left to manually set port forwarding yourself. And once done so, the home server does pass the remote access test, but still errors out. This is what I did to fix it. 1) Verify your ports are in fact open for Ports 80 (HTTP), 443(HTTPS), 3389 (RDP), and 4125 (Remote Web Workplace). 2) Verify that your self has a Static IP Address on the local network. Make sure it isn’t being assigned a IP using DHCP. Manually configure an IP Address into the server’s network card. 3) In your router, disable UPnP. And Apply the settings/changes. 4) Save the configurat

Girlfriend making the switch from Mac to PC: Part 4

It’s been some time since my last update so this what has happened. Last weekend Marra decided that the choice was now an Apple Mac. Although yes we stated that in the beginning Windows would be the choice due the gaming and not much games/application support was available for the Mac as there was for the PC. However since we are unable to find a suitable substitute for the Mac, she now wants to get a MacBook Pro. So away we went to first a Domayne Store in Silverwater where they were offering a 1000 days interest free on all goods in the store. What we soon learnt though was that this special did not apply to Apple stock. The only finance that they could offer her was 12-months with some ridiculous condition that I can’t even remember now. We soon left the store empty handed. I remember that there was a Apple store in Baulkham Hills which maybe could offer us some hope. But when we got there, soon found that the store no longer existed. We went to lunch to regather what we wer

Photos of Home Server

Here is some photos of the home server and screenshots of the install. My old Home Server. PC from work. It served me well. Set it up on the kitchen table to begin the file transfer process. New home server in its place.   Start of the installation from my laptop after plugging the MediaSmart on to the network. Logging in for the first time. Lots of updates needed to be installed. Had a choice of the Dynamic DNS host, I went with the Windows Live one since I already had a domain name there. McAfee was very shortly removed. And the red error was shortly resolved. Web interface from the client. This can be chosen between the HP design and the Windows Home Server default. Basic one 1TB HDD installed as standard. But soon to be upgraded. This actually is cool. Sliding the slider is realtime and can watch the lights on the Server go from bright to completely off (w