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SimCity for iPhone/iPod Touch

I have always been a huge fan of the SimCity games ever since I first got SimCity 3000 Unlimited. This was merely a starting (excluding the year I spent on my next door neighbors Macintosh Plus play the original). I have since played all the version available on the PC and have my various likes and dislikes regarding all of them. But imaging my excitment when I found SimCity for the iPhone.

The iPhone release of SimCity seems to be greatly based on the SimCity 3000 release of the PC game, although some modifications have been made in order for the touch control of the iPhone/iPod interface.I find though my big problem that I am constantly trying to look around my fingers in order to lay roads or zones etc. Much prefer a mouse and keyboard when playing this type of game.Although, I was happy to find that the graphics where redefined for the release which seems to make the game more efficient and less time is spent on rendering.EA Games have done an excellent job in porting this game for the iPhone/iPod and will recommend it.