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Printing Windows to Mac Shared Printer

For most Windows users, adding a shared printer to another networked computer is fairly straight forward. However when it comes to adding a printer that is being shared from an Apple Mac, it's another story. Your first step is obviously going to be setup Priner Sharing on the Mac. Go to the Apple Menu and select "System Preferences" . Then select "Sharing" . In Sharing you will see the option for "Printer Sharing". Tick this option and then select your printer. Now that is the easy part. We now go to our windows PC and install the printer there. First you will need to install a program called Bonjour. This is software from Apple themselves to help us printer from Windows to Mac. It can be downloaded from here ( ). Once you have download it, install and run the software. When you start the wizard, it will guide you through setting up all you need to print. As long as you are connected to the