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Top 10 Instant Messengers for Mac OS X

After wondering one night what there was to offer as far as Instant messengers for Mac OS X, I began doing some research, and here is what I have found. This is a list of the TOP 10 messengers for Mac OS X. #1 : Apple iChat Apple's iChat is the pre-packaged solution for those who use AOL Messenger, Apple's MobileMe, ICQ and other XMPP-compatible messenging protocols. Apple's iChat supports text, audio and video across clients for easy video conferencing. iChat comes pre-installed on every Apple Mac, and is not compatible with other operating systems like Windows or Linux. Official website click here . #2: Microsoft MSN Messenger Microsoft's MSN Messenger is a simple program allowing user to chat to those on the MSN network (or Windows Live). This client doesn't not support multi-protocols. Microsoft's solution for the Mac is lacking features including Audio/Video, but is simple enough for basic chatting and file sharing capabilities. As I mentioned

My Response to Top 10 Responses to Why Should I Use Linux?

In the article 'Top 10 Responses to Why Should I Use Linux?', it runs through a selection of the most debated points to computers making the switch to using Linux instead of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is written by a Linux enthusiast who has written down 10 key points why they think you should at least not fear the Linux operating system. However, I myself was a Linux enthusiast and at a stage of my life attempted to "convert" a selection of windows user, but to no success. Although primarily I am a Windows user, I do also own and Apple Mac while also use a Linux web server. Reason I disclose this is outline any suspected bias that my rebuttal might draw. I will now go through each point and explain why each point isn't exactly as straight forward as perceived. 1. Linux helps you get rid of viruses, worms, and other computer infections Although it is possible to get infected even with Linux (malware is mainly written for Windows), its system arc

Review: Mint Linux

For the past few weeks I have been using another distribution of Linux called MintLinux. Mint Linux has been developed of the popular Ubuntu distribution while carrying a few modifications. Mint Linux comes packaged with video/audio codecs, DVD playback, Java and much more. This is my review of Mint Linux using my HP Pavilion dv3000 series notebook (dv3110tx). Like the Ubuntu review, my goal here was to see if the distribution was easy to use the distribution was out-of-the-box. I am tempted to run through the install process but that's not the focus here. In my opinion, Operating system installs are about the same and asks the same amount of questions. Whether you are installing Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu, if you don't understand hard drive partitioning or can't follow prompts, then it's time you stop trying to be a tech person and do a little more research before you break something. Once in the operating system these are the things I start looking