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Next Gen iPhone

Is this the next generation iPhone? Slight degration of the screen's resolution to make up for development of other features.

Show Desktop Icons on Ubuntu

Most people like myself like having quick access to the "Computer" and "Home" folder just like in Windows having the "My Computer" and "My Documents". Old habits die hard. However, some googling found the following solution. To display Computer, Home, Network and Bin Icons, perform the following: Open the Configuration Editor , by running the program gconf-editor . This can be down from the terminal. Choose apps->nautilus->desktop. Tick the box beside computer_icon_visible , home_icon_visible , and trash_icon_visible . The changes take effect immediately. Nice and simple.

Firefox Personas

A new technology has been developed by the folks at that allows users to dress up their favourite browser (Firefox of course) with a more decorative feel than just changing the theme and buttons. It's call Firefox Personas. Firefox Personas allows images to be displayed behind the buttons of the browser while not being too intrusive. It's freely available to all users and comes all varieties of designs. Also, the Firefox labs people have allowed you design your own "persona" and publish it to their gallery for others to download. I highly recommend you give it a go yourself.

PCLinuxOS Website needs some editing

When searching Google for the popular Linux distrubution i found the following result in there find. Perhaps someone should aware them of this. The default 'Joomla' description is found during this search which indicates that their web master hasn't done enough editing of the site before going live. Note: From the comments on the 2nd of April, I have since discovered that this has been fixed. Thanks PCLinuxOS. *Thumbs Up*